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Songvid Oddities

I'm feeling very pleased with myself tonight. I've just finished coding the last of my Songvid Oddities rec set for Crack Van! Thank goodness.

I'd already picked all the vids way back at the end of November, but there were so many that I've been coding up the recs in stages. You know how many there ended up being in the set? Thirty-seven songvids. Can you believe it? I kind of can't.

There really are some stunning songvids out there; it's always so hard to pick. My current faves are tearful_eye's Souvenirs (fandom = Life, PG-15, warning for violence) and aycheb's Silence (fandom = Minority Report, PG-15, warning for violence).

I love the way both vids use intercutting and effects, and the way the unusual song choices give the vids an unexpected depth and poignancy. They both just blow my socks off. That's the kind of visual art I want to be able to make one day.

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