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meta twitter?

[personal profile] skuf posted Where's all the meta?, which is an interesting discussion on the changing ways we're producing and consuming meta. There's a nifty poll and everything.

There's lots of good discussion there, and lots of good reasons why we might not be engaging with meta in the same way anymore.

I just wanted to snapshot one of my comments (with some tweaking for clarity)...


People are still talking a lot, and it's still about fannish stuff -- it's all over both of my flists and my delicious feed.

So what I'm wondering is if maybe some meta looks different to what we're used to, and so isn't pinging as meta.

For instance, you've written a fairly traditional meta post here to get this conversation started: laying out the topic, discussing various possibilities, asking for comment. It's a successful formula and a common one for meta (in the past anyway).

Now you've made me think about it, what I've been seeing recently (and admittedly, I haven't scanned my flist as much lately, so it could be a very biased sample) are more posts with short musings, or just questions, or a discussion that's not contextualised as meta, but clearly is. There are also several people on my flist who write meta almost daily, in these little soundbites -- it's their blogging style, but it would be hard to link one of those posts on a newsletter without context ([personal profile] mecurtin, for instance, does this, although less often lately).

These sorts of non-typical meta posts refer to and are using the language of earlier debates (we have a meta shorthand!). Sometimes they start with a single fandom, but then relate it back to bigger fannish issue, or vice versa. I take them in as meta, but kind of like meta twitters.


Maybe all the huge discussions of the last two years have actually changed the face of meta, because we feel more comfortable in just using that language and making short comments, rather than having to scale up our meta thoughts into full-blown essays. I kind of like that idea, although I don't know how you'd snapshot that kind of spread-out commentary to share to a wider audience.

Have you guys noticed a change, or changed your meta ways lately? Or maybe your fandom ways? Is the media changing the message? Is fandom going through a sea change?

ETA: OMG, I have the best cherry jam on crunchy toast. NOM NOM NOM.

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