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Junk Food

I swear junk food taste better to me now that it did back before I knew I was gluten and dairy intolerant. In fact, a lot of things taste better now.

I think it's down to a) my body not being poisoned all the time, and b) my new philosophy of eating. Basically, as there are so many, many things I cannot eat, I am now allowed to eat anything I want, any time I feel like it.

It is awesome!

It sounds simple, doesn't it? But it took a while for it to really sink in. I'd keep looking at cherries at $26 per kilo or salmon at $10 per 200grams, and think, "No, it's too expensive, it's special occasion food." And then I'd wander the aisles full of stuff I can't eat without poisoning myself, and then go back and get a kilo of cherries and three serves of salmon. What the hell else am I going to spend that money on? A doctor's bill when I poison myself with crap? The car I don't own? The synthetic high fashion clothes that make me break out in hives?

No. I have to eat, but I don't need any of that other stuff. So why not eat things I actually like? Asking that question has changed my whole outlook on what's expensive and how I feel about food.

Like, just now, I had the munchies, because vidding uses the same mental muscles as writing, so I burn up fuel like crazy. And what I really wanted was junk food. So I ate junk food, by god! Of course, junk food for me in this instance equalled plain corn chips and homemade guacamole. NOM NOM NOM.

Later, I might have my current favourite: a salmon salad as big as my head. Then I might have nectarines for desert. I might have two or three of them!

Seriously, I love this philosophy of eating, and I've actually lost weight since I started it. I don't suppose it would work very well if I could eat lashings of butter or cheese or cream, or sauces, or potatoes, or deep-fried foods, or... pretty much anything with cholesterol or calories. But as things are, it's freedom. I love it.

And speaking of junk food, I had a thought the other day. I have a supply of delicious gluten free bread now, and I was wondering if I could make garlic bread using garlic aoli. I might have to try it.

And now? I will have tea, and then make more of my vid.

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