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12 Days of Cliche: Day 12 - Vid: 'Wake' by cupidsbow

Are you sad? Here we are at the end of the fest... it whizzed by so fast, didn't it? But, wow, what a lot of stuff we made!

To finish things off, I'm posting my favourite of all the songvids I've made to date. It's about Jack, the essential factness of Jack. Oh, Jack. (If you're interested in the technical side, there are some more thoughts behind the cut.)

If you'd like to play with us by sharing a cliche -- a ficlet or art or whatever fanwork takes your fancy -- link it in comments here before Friday, and I'll add it to my round-up post. There's always room for more cliches, people! :)

Thanks for coming on the journey with us. Hope and I have had a ball and we hope you have too. And now, onto the vid of ultimate Jackness...

Title: Wake
Author: cupidsbow/[personal profile] cupidsbow
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: No Pairing
Rating: PG-13
Music: 'Juliet' by Russ Nixon, and The Tempest IV.1 read by Joseph Fiennes (from When Love Speaks)
Summary: We are such stuff as dreams are made on...
Note: Thanks to Hope for the beta.

Download: MediaFire (7.84 MB).
Streaming: YouTube

Thoughts on 'Wake'

I've been fascinated with Jack's factness for a while now, as Hope would no doubt tell you. I may have bored her with my theories for many, many thousands of words. *sheepish* Anyway, I don't think canon has really got to grips with what it created in Jack's factness -- it's mainly used Jack as cannon-fodder: What shall we do that's dramatic this week? Oh, I know, we'll kill Jack in a new and spectacular way!

Whatever. It was dramatic at first, but I'm really over it with CoE.

Anyway, the thing is, there are some implications to Jack's factness that are fascinating to me (one day I might actually write that story. Hope has already touched on some of our theories in her story, Golden Ratio, to great effect!) And in this vid, I wanted to try and capture the endlessness of Jack and what that means to him. I know, I know, it's an impossible thing to convey, really. Still, I wanted to give it a try.

I started with the soundtrack. For all my vids, I've played with the audio source -- usually just cutting the song down to something under 2 minutes. However, as I've become more confident with Audacity, I've started playing around with mashups as well -- adding sound effects, overlaying tracks, and so on. Mostly this has resulted in the most horrible, unusable noise. :) But every now and then, I get it really right, and that's what happened when I set out to make the audio track for 'Wake'.

There wasn't a lyric that captured the mood I wanted, and even though I love vidding to lyricless music, for this project I really needed some words to help evoke the right feel. So, of course, I went to the great wordsmith himself, Shakespeare. I thought at first I might need to read an extract myself, but then a friend gave me When Love Speaks, which includes, amongst many other lovely things, some gorgeous spoken word pieces by Jospeh Fiennes. God, that man has a voice. And the bit from The Tempest was just perfect.

I already had a piece of music in mind -- an absolutely stunning instrumental piece I found, of all places, on Russ Nixon has several gorgeous pieces hosted there, but the one I chose is 'Juliet' and it's so worth a listen to the whole thing. It's so, so lovely.

With my two sources to hand, I started shortening the music and overlaying the words and fiddling around; and after a bit I sat back stunned with the aural perfection I had somehow managed to create! As a newbie vidder, I am very much aware that a lot of the good parts of what I've made so far are down to that magical chemistry of instinctive creativity, where things just seem to work out.

The vidding itself pretty much fell into place after that. I had such a strong vision, and the clips seemed almost to choose themselves. I only had to make one change after beta, which was adding in the TARDIS, and that's one of my favourite bits now!

I'm honestly a bit awed at how well 'Wake' turned out.

Looking at all the vids I've made so far (which you can find here if you're curious), 'Tango' was the watershed -- it was the fourth Torchwood vid I made (after 'Frozen', 'Shot in the Back', and 'Attachments', all of which are flawed in different ways, but that's another post), and the first that really had structure and narrative drive. 'Wake' was the seventh (after 'Creep' and 'First Aid'), and it really shows. It's so much more confident, has better transitions and pace, and looks gorgeous. I'm so happy with it.

And best of all, it has the factness of Jack, right there on the screen!

*victory fistpump*

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