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12 Days of Cliche Wrap-up

We have fested, and it was good!

12 Days of Cliche Masterlist

The links go through to LiveJournal, as there are DW links at the bottom of each post.

Day 1 Art: Torchwood Pulp Covers by angstslashhope (G)
Four Torchwood pulp fiction novel covers. Various characters.

Day 2 Recs: Kidfic & Mpreg Recs by cupidsbow 12 vid & fic recs.

Day 3 Fic: First Aid by angstslashhope (NC-17)
First aid: the provision of initial care for an illness or injury, administered until professional medical help is available. (Set throughout Season 1; Small Worlds, Countrycide, Out of Time.)

Day 3 Vid: First Aid by cupidsbow (PG-13)
Jack has a first-aid fetish... or maybe just an Ianto fetish. (Companion vid to above fic.)

Day 4 Fic: Proxy by angstslashhope (PG-13)
Role reversal.

Day 5 Vid: 1941: The Year That Never Was! by cupidsbow (PG-13)
What if Jack had never met the Doctor?

Day 6 Fic: Kiss the Boys Goodbye by angstslashhope (PG-13)
He is a glutton, and the 1940s on Earth are his feast of choice. (Companion ficlet to above vid.)

Day 7 Fic: Five Times Torchwood has a Close Encounter With a Sweet Young Thing cupidsbow (PG-13)
"I see," said Ianto, who, sadly, was beginning to see, and was rather wishing he was still too drunk for rational thought. "You don't pay me enough for this."

Day 8 Fic: On the Mend by angstslashhope (PG-13)
Hurt/comfort of a different sort.

Day 9 Vid: Tango by cupidsbow (PG-13)
Time to change your partners! (Companion to "Time Management".)

Day 10 Fic: Time Management by cupidsbow (NC-17)
The Agency taught Jack the rules of time travel. Some of them no longer apply.

Day 10 Art: Time Management by angstslashhope (G)
Cover art for the above story.

Day 11 Fic: Golden Ratio by angstslashhope (R)
Some things are constants. (A canon-compliant fixit, spanning several centuries.)

Day 12 Vid: Wake by cupidsbow (PG-13)
We are such stuff as dreams are made on...

Thoughts on Fests

Having taken a day off from festing, I've had time to reflect on the experience of doing the "12 Days of Cliche", which was different to any other fest I've done. I had a wonderful time, but it really drove home to me how much my enjoyment of the more typical fannish fests has changed. I used to love the big story exchanges, with the secret posting and guessing games and reveal. But now I get too stressed to enjoy it -- worrying about the deadline, and about giving the recipient what they wanted; and while the fic I received was never a major factor in my enjoyment, there was always that weary sense that even if the fic was good, it would be vanishingly unlikely that it would hit my buttons. Then I'd have to be polite about it, somehow. As I did more fests, that weariness grew, because a significant number of the stories I received had the characters I loved disliking each other, even when the story itself was carefully and well written. As friendship fic is my major kink, that palled quickly. Honestly, my favourite fest-gift story wasn't that well written, but the author actually gave me a friendship fic; I nearly cried with relief. That probably should have been my cue to stop, in hindsight.

I thought perhaps I'd feel differently about non-fic fests, but actually, I'm feeling pretty stressed about festivids, even though my vid is nearly finished and I still have two days to go. Maybe I'll feel differently once I've seen the vid I'm gifted with in return. I mean, a vidder would have to work really hard to have Maria and Captain von Trapp and the children (just to name one possibility) hating each other, right?

Anyway, the "12 Days of Cliche" fest was a whole different thing. And that was largely down to Hope. I always had the sense that if I couldn't make a deadline for some reason, she'd just step in and do something else, and it took the pressure right off. We have a lot of common ground in our interests, too, even though our tastes do diverge in a couple of key ways. But the odds of me liking her work are way over the average, which means I don't have to be carefully polite, either. Finally, there was no worry about a recipient getting something they hated; we were just noodling around having fun and indulging ourselves, so even things like betas were optional. In short: most laid back fest ever! I loved it.

From now on, I think I'm giving up all other types of fests; but I'll try to do a couple of collaborative fests a year. *nudges Hope in the ribs meaningfully*

Aside from this new understanding of my inner emo, I gained a couple of other things from the fest that I hadn't expected. There was a real thrill to producing so much fanwork in such a short space of time without feeling the usual deadline stress. And it was huge fun to be actively playing with cliches and seeing how the ideas flowed back and forth between Hope's work and mine. I think that was my favourite part, actually. I hadn't realised we'd set up that kind of resonance, and end up doing fics and vids for each other, or write on the same themes. Taking that back-and-forth out of the privacy of storytime and into finished pieces was awesome! We actually produced more than we thought we would as a result, too.

I think I'll end on that note. If you're curious about what Hope had to say, her wrap-up post is on LiveJournal and DreamWidth.

Also, she rocks for giving me her html code for this masterlist. :)

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