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Introducing.... my flist/circle

One of the most powerful influences on my life has been my friends list. I have been wanting to acknowledge that for a while now.

Let me tell you some of the things I know about my friends-list/circle.

  • The majority are cisgendered, and there are more women than men.

  • At least two identify as trans, and at least one is currently transitioning.

  • At least one is... I don't think I know the right word, so forgive me... at least one is a compound person, with one identity and several bodies.

  • At least one does not identify with a gender.

  • The majority appear to identify as white.

  • A significant number identify as people of colour, and of those, most are of Asian descent (which includes several people of Indian ancestry).

  • Most live in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada or New Zealand...

  • ...but also South America, Africa, China, the Philipines, Europe and sometimes Antarctica, in addition to many other places.

  • Most, but by no means all, live in or near cities.

  • Most seem to be adults, many of whom are over 30.

  • I don't think any are children.

  • My impression is that most don't strictly identify as straight, but rather along a spectrum: homophilic, bi-curious, bi, gay, lesbian, poly, asexual, celebate.

  • Some identify as religious, from several different faiths -- Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism, Judaism, to name but four.

  • Many don't openly identify as religious.

  • Some openly identify as atheists.

This list does not even come close to giving a sense of the glorious diversity that my flist shares with me every day. But that wealth of viewpoints, of identities, of disagreeing voices, is amazingly powerful. It has reshaped the way I think about the world.

It's like this: Every story I see on the screen, my flist reviews and critiques. Every story I read, they annotate, footnote and remix. Every event in the world, they are there, or they know someone who is, and they are talking about it, sharing pictures, showing another side to events that unfold.

They -- you -- have made my life so rich. You have opened my eyes to so many things.

I don't even know who I'd be without you.

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