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More festivids recs



First lot of recs

Die Die Die (Die Hard series) Warning: violence
It took me a second viewing to get the joke in this one (what can I say, I'm slow in the mornings). But it is actually a really funny commentary on the ridiculous hyper-action of the Die Hard films, and just how impossible McClane is to kill.

Live or Die (Die Hard series)
This one is a joke too, and it's entirely possible it's made by the same vidder. The music cracks me up! The bit where McClane whizzes down the roof. Hahahaha.

Radar (Die Hard series)
While this vid does have some Die Hard style humour, it's actually a kick-ass action vid, and gorgeously put together.

Simon Says (Doomsday) Warning: violence
I haven't seen this film, but the vid is stunning: a grungy future-noir look, kick-ass action, gorgeous cutting. Awesome.

No Fate (FlashForward)
This is a beautiful bit of editing. The transitions and effects are spectacular, and it's an interesting character study too. I wonder if it's by tearful_eye?

Enchantment (Kamikaze Girls)
Oh. My. God. I have to see this movie! This is fantastic! Surreal, gorgeous, delightful, and all about the kick-ass girls. <3 <3 <3 I think this one might be the showstopper of the fest for me.

Body and Soul (Legend of the Seeker)
I am not a fan of this show, but wow, this vid is bloody gorgeous.

You Belong With Me (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman)
Oh, now that's just adorable and happymaking. Lois and Clark and Superman. The best triangle ever, yes? *hearts them*

Le Disko (Neverending Story)
This is totally not an obvious choice of song for the source, but the vidder really works it! The editing is quirky, and the vidder's love of the movie pops right off the screen. *re-watches* *a lot*

Fitz & Dizzyspells (Return to Oz)
Oh, brilliant. This is edited like dream-logic. One moment creepy as all hell, and the next, delightful.

Gemma - Murder (Sons of Anarchy) Warning: kidnapping, violence
A perfect mix of song and character study.

Move Your Feet (Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Best. Mashup. Ever. And I didn't think Julie Andrews could get any more awesome. Ha! This one is an absolute stand out.

Mr Blue Sky (Wall-E)
What a joyful vid! This is by a master-vidder; the editing is stunning, and the song choice inspired.

Let's Misbehave (White Collar)
This vid is made by the song choice, which is hilarious, but also surprisingly kinky, as the vid ends up as a threesome! If this source actually does have a threesome in it, please, please let me know, because that I'd have to see!

And there you have it -- Festivids 2009! There's lots of other good stuff too, so go have a look around.

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