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Fandom is doing all sorts of amazing things at the moment. It's hard to keep up! I have all these tabs open, so I figured I'd post about some of them and close them. :)

  • Right on the heels of my new year's resolution not to do any more sign-up fests, I've been pointed to the very, very cool trekreversebang. As the name says, it does BigBang in reverse -- starting with the art, and then assigning writers.

    I kind of yearn to do that, but I know I'll default, so I can't. :( I will be very pleased when I'm over this particular kink in my psyche.

  • Speaking of cool fests, I have just wrapped up the main part of mistletw. You can find all the fic at the Masterlist: Mistletw Jan 2010. It's turned out brilliantly, but I'm a little disappointed there was no art or vids. However, there's still one more game to play, so maybe we'll get it then! See, because the fest was a promptathon, we're now having a LOL-a-thon week, in which we'll fill the last few unfilled prompts with LOLcats and stuff. Anyone is welcome to come along and play. You can find the details here: LOL-a-thon is GO!.

  • Moving on to aca-cool, there is this academic conference coming up, which is right up my alley! REMAKE │REMODEL: New Perspectives on Remakes, Film Adaptations and Fan Productions. I'm so tempted to put in an abstract. Yis.

  • Every now and again, I'm reminded why I used to love original fiction. Like this: Things I Learned From Holly by theuglyvolvo. It's so damn gorgeous.

  • Finally, as many of you will already know, the current fandom metazomg is a discussion of whether original M/M and slash fiction are exploitative genres. It's one of those topics in which both sides are right, to a degree, imo. Anyway, a related discussion I'm finding interesting is asking just how queer slash fandom is (or is not, as the case may be). In response [personal profile] melannen has compiled a great post, Science, y'all, which contains the stats from a whole heap of polls on that very thing. And the results are that fandom is sitting at around 50% identification as queer, which does not surprise me one jot.

    Partially in response to this latest round of meta, I posted this: Introducing.... my flist/circle a couple of days ago. I didn't want to make it a meta post, just an acknowledgement of where I was coming from in my fan practice, and what was influencing me. That's as close to my real opinion as it gets, given my opinion tends to be in flux.

    Outside of fandom, depending on who asked me the question "Are slashers mostly straight?" I might say, "That's what most people believe," or "The majority probably identify as straight," just because it's an easy shorthand, and I don't have better stats. But I don't actually think that, and haven't for a long time. In a more nuanced conversation, I'd probably say, "Most slashers seems to have a queer identity to some degree," and then talk about queer identity in theory vs practice and stuff.

    Honestly, I think fan culture is in the middle of a huge paroxysm of re-identification at the moment, along several different axes, sexuality and gender being just two. It's an exciting time, but it means that on any given day, I might change my mind about anything -- who we are, what we do, what it means. I am defined by my indecision!

  • Something I struggle with, is how to recognise when a text/perfomance crosses the line from enjoyable cultural artefact, to exploitative cultural artefact. Last night, for instance, I walked out of a very good production of Taming of the Shrew, because the sexual politics were so horrific, and yes, exploitative. And then, there's this animated Janto pretty, which I don't find exploitative at all... but now I'm wondering why not. Because I can see some commonalities between the two. Yet it remains that one is, and one is not, over that line.

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