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Multi-fandom Recs: Fairy Tales

Last week, my bookmarks on delicious hit the magic number: 3333. As everyone knows, this is The Number of the Rec! So, of course, I ran a poll to find out what you all fancied to read/watch, and the winning categories were Fairy Tales and Transformations. I've decided to split these into two sets.

With no further ado... help yourself to a multi-fandom smorgasbord of fairy tales!

ORIGINAL No Pairing, 'Dragon Girl' by Sarah Mensinga (comic) (PG-13)
In which the Princess is raised by dragons, and still manages to find her happy ending. An awesome feminist inversion!

THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES No Pairing, 'Cinderella, Made of Steel' by David Hines (PG-13)
A brilliant, insightful and grimly funny story, which draws surprisingly effective parallels between Cameron and Cinderella.

HERCULES Widow Twanky/Hercules, 'Holding Out for a Hero' by Mary Crawford (songvid) (PG-13)
The classic tale of a queen in search of a hero. :)

MERLIN Merlin/Arthur, 'Happily Ever After, My Arse' by hackthis (PG-13)
It turns out Merlin's not the only one getting pep talks from the Slash Dragon in this riff on Sleeping Beauty. The banter is delightful.

MERLIN Merlin/Arthur, 'The Crown of the Summer Court' by astolat (NC-17)
In which Merlin is a secret Prince, and must win his crown. Gorgeous and funny reworking of a classic fairy tale plot.

STARGATE: ATLANTIS McKay/Sheppard, 'And then I'll be your ain true-love' by wintercreek (PG-13)
A retelling of Tam Lin, with John as the stolen lover, and Rodney out to reclaim him. I love Rodney's lists in this.

STARGATE: ATLANTIS No Pairing, 'Twas Brillig' by crysothemis (fan art) (PG-13)
What a stunning jabberwock! I love the texture of it, and its tendrils.

STARGATE: ATLANTIS No Pairing, 'Teyla Hood' by aretria (fan art) (PG-13)
Lovely manip of Teyla and the team as Robin Hood and her band of merry men. I'd pay to read fic in this 'verse!

TORCHWOOD Jack/Ianto, 'Happily Ever After: Guaranteed' by fic_faery (PG-13)
Enjoyable action/adventure, in which Jack and Ianto play out an interactive fairy tale.

DISNEY No Pairing, 'A Fair(y) Use Tale' by Eric Faden (songvid) (G)
A brilliant bit of meta about Copyright, using Disney's best known fairy tales to great ironic effect.

Rec Set 2: Transformations and Genderfuck

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