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Wrapping up 14 Days of Love

Well, here we are at the end of another fest!

What? You didn't know I was doing one? Yeah, well that would be because I didn't announce it, you see, in a cunning strategy to keep it as low-key and anti-stress as possible. And yay, it worked, because here I am, after posting fanworks every day for two weeks. *beams*

It all began after Hope and I had so much fun over Christmas with our 12-days-of-cliche fest. I decided to do another one leading up to Valentine's Day, but this time, instead of being planned well in advance, I wanted it to be a spontaneous fest done day-to-day, as fancy took me.

There were only two rules:

  • I had put together a post every day, and
  • it had to include fanwork of some type (meta, recs, art, fic, etc).

What I hadn't realised when I came up with this plan, was that work would go bonkers, and I'd be doing a lot of 10 and 12 hour days, and then coming home and trying to post something while off my face with exhaustion.

It was... interesting. The first ten days, I mostly found it soothing despite the tiredness. It was a good way to wind down. But the last four days? *keels over*

I've been saying for years that I'm so well trained at my craft, I could write in my sleep. Kinda proved that one now, haven't I? (Hey, I never claimed it would be high art, just that I could do it. :)

All I can say is that I'm really glad I kept the rules so relaxed, and even gladder that I'm done for a while. I need an early night! *ancient fan is ancient*

I loved it though. I love every single post, but especially the short stories, which I never would have written if not for this fest. I'll definitely be doing this again.

Right after I've caught a few z's!

The Masterlist

  • Lalita! (Bride and Prejudice, for Festivids)


More about the Poll
I think the poll pretty much speaks for itself... or rather the nearly 200 of you (LJ + DW) who were kind enough to take it, have spoken loud and clear.

In short: we really, really love Jack and Ianto, and think Tosh, Andy Davidson, Myfanwy and Jack's coat are pretty awesome too.

The other characters people loved (which are hidden from general view):

real Jack Harkness
Bridget Spears
Rupesh Patanjali
past Torchwood teams
John Hart
Bilis Manger

Several people said Bilis Manger, and I have to agree -- a brilliant villain and sadly underused.


Torchwood fanfiction
Warnings are given on the individual stories. The LJ entries link through to DW.

  • Tosh (Tosh/Owen, PG-13)
  • Suzie (No Pairing, PG-13)
    • Remixes: The lovely banksiapossum knows how much I adore remixes and did not one, but two, of Suzie's story. Check them out: One and Two
  • Janet (No Pairing, PG-15)
  • Tradition (Gwen: No Pairing, PG-13)
  • WYSIWYG (Ianto: Ianto/Lisa, Jack/Ianto, PG-15)
  • Weapon of Choice (Mainframe: No Pairing, PG-15)

More about the Character Studies
I set out wanting to explore characters I hadn't written much before, and especially the women. I had already made that decision before discovering halfamoon, but the knowledge that there were other people thinking along the same lines spurred me on.

The other thing I really wanted to play with was science fiction -- cracking open some of the maguffins of the Whoniverse, poking at them, and seeing what happened. I had great fun with the stories that grew out of this: I've always wanted to poke fun at the reset button, and Gwen was a great cypher for that in "Tradition"; and anyone who has followed my journal for any length of time will know how much I love sort-of-a-robot stories, a la Ianto from "WYSIWYG" (which was also, as it happens, one of the very earliest story ideas I ever had for this fandom -- so it was nice to finally decant it from my head). Seriously, even after the family scenes in CoE, the robot/alien (or, you know, alien robot) scenario still makes a lot of sense for Ianto. Am I right, or am I right?

However, hands-down, my favourite of the SF-themed stories is the one about Mainframe: "Weapon of Choice." It was like it was meant to be, from the wonderful twist in what should have been a clichéd title (thank you for the awesome prompt, Icarus), to the surprisingly dark tie-in to larger Who canon.

*happy sigh*

I had no idea writing all that dark fic would be so satisfying, but it really was!

The Jacquie 'verse:
  1. Mother (Jack's mother: OC/OC, PG-15)
  2. Daughter (Jack: Jack/various, PG-15)
  3. Expedience (Jack: Jack/Ianto, PG-13)

More about the Jacquie 'verse
And speaking of dark-fic... well. Who the hell knew this was lurking in my brain waiting to be told? Certainly not me.

I really love this 'verse, but ouch.

Dark themes aside, Jack as a hermaphrodite is actually personal canon for me; it just makes so much sense. Pretty much every story I write about Jack, you can assume that as backstory, even when I don't mention it.

I've created a "Jacquie 'verse" tag for the stories in which I specifically do talk about Jack's hermaphrodism. Apart from the two written for the fest, there's another story that explores this theme: "Expedience."

I think there may be some fluffy stories in this Jack's future, if you can believe that -- with Jack actually being a mum, and nothing horrible going wrong. Curtain fic! . :)

(If you're interested, Time Management also has an hermaphrodite in it, but it's not Jack, so I'm not tagging it as part of this 'verse.)

Anyone else want to play?
If you do, you're very welcome to remix any of these stories. No need to ask. :)

Comment Fics

banksiapossum wrote another comment fic on the theme of "14 days of love": The Funny Thing About Your Skin.

Thank you all for coming on the ride with me, whether you realised there was a fest happening or not.

And that's all I have to say about that. ;)

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