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The joy of ambiguous endings: Up in the Air

I went to see Up in the Air on the weekend.

It was almost as good as everyone is saying. The B Plot with Bingham's (Clooney) family was weak, compared to the rest, and as that had one of the key scenes in it, that lessened the character journey a bit.

That was my only real nitpick. Overall, I recommend it. The A plot was riveting, the acting was strong, the characters real, there were some delightful inversions on clichés, and the world we got to look into was just bizarre enough to be interesting, without being completely surreal. And the two female leads were awesome.

The best part, though, was that as Dad and I came out of the cinema, he said, "Well, that ending was a bit depressing," just as I said, "I loved that it had a happy ending!"

Hahahaha. I love movies like that! Seriously, it's worth it for that alone.

So tell me: did you think it was a happy ending, or a tragedy?

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