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Yes, you were all correct about Irene!

How awesome is Sherlock Holmes?

I went with grouchiegrrl and chewiesbro the other day, after some crazy capers in which we managed to fail to see the movie quite spectacularly.

Before I review it, I would just like to say: OMG, those trailers were terrible. The only one that looked even vaguely interesting was the Leonardo di Caprio jobby (the title of which made me LOL). The rest actively make me go, Eeeeeewwwwwwwww.

I have a feeling I've educated myself out of being able to enjoy 95% of all popular entertainment.

But anyway, Sherlock Holmes! Definitely part of the 5%! The plot was very silly, but that wasn't even the point. The point, as Guy Ritchie demonstrated with brilliant flair, was these characters, who have stood the test of time for a reason. They are interesting, and likeable, even when being asses, and they have adventures and snark at each other. And the acting was actually good enough to give them all the depth they deserved. *happysigh*

Holmes and Watson had lovely chemistry, and I really liked Law's action!Watson. Nice to see him as something other than a doddering foil. Downey gave another of his fine performances, too. This role was so perfect for him.

The very best part, though? Irene Adler. She saved the day! Awesome. I could watch a whole film just of her having improbable adventures. Mary was also pretty great, and I could actually see why Watson liked her. It's a sad indictment that that is unusual in a film, isn't it?

Now, if only the next Sherlock Holmes film passes the Bechdel test, we are gold!

Everyone has already seen it, right? So I hardly need to add my endorsement, but yes, I recommend it.

Since seeing it, I've flirted with the fic, but I suspect I'm not going to end up in Sherlock Holmes fandom. So far, much of what I've found is either: Holmes/Watson slash with very little adventure plot, or character studies of the women which are still all about the men.


That is not what I want from this particular fandom! What I want is very specific, and it is this:
  1. The adventures of Irene Adler! In which Irene goes off and has improbable and crime-filled adventures, while seducing all the men and women around her. In the background, we catch occasional glimpses of Holmes, and if he gets too close, Irene does something clever to distract him (possibly using him to get rid of the competing bad guy/gal). But the focus is on Irene and her adventure. Yes.

  2. Holmes/Watson/Mary fiction, in which Mary is not shafted or left out, but becomes an equal member of the triangle, and likes her secretly scandalous life very much indeed. And also manages to score the occasional point off both Holmes at Watson over the marmalade in the mornings.

  3. Holmes and Watson friendship fic, in which they banter and solve an improbable case. And Watson is smart and funny, and Holmes is brilliant and ruthless and a bit cracked. And as an added bonus, the bad guy/gal realises that Holmes's big weakness is Watson (and/or by extrapolation Mary) and tries to use it against him, leading, of course, to an epic smackdown.

So. Is there any of that out there? Communities? Recs? Pointers?


Don't look at me. I'm 10,000 words into my Torchwood Fic o' Doom. I refuse to be distracted... more than I already am. ;)

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