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Technological Marvels and Random Statistics

The news of me:

A failure in dental savvy

I bought this new spiffy electric toothbrush the other day, because my dentist swore to me, on his sacred dentisty oath, that it was a gentler and more efficient way to clean my teeth.

Dude! I totally can't figure out how to use the computer part. I think I've almost worked myself up to trying the toothbrush part tonight after dinner, even though the head attachment looks like something you'd clean drains with. But the little computer gizmo that's apparently meant to tell you when to stop brushing and stuff? I can't get the back off to put the batteries in, and I can't figure out how to make the winking smiley face go away. The instructions, as always, are shocking.

If I don't post again in a day or two, you will know I suffered some kind of major dental-related incident.

Continued bogglement at Sony Vegas

I have now laid down an audio track and created an opening credit sequence, which lasts about 4 seconds. This has taken me two weeks. Admittedly, it was the last two weeks of semester, and I only worked on it for about... ten hours. *dies of shame*

I have now forgotten everything I did to make that work, by the way, so I have to learn it all over again before I can continue with the vid. Clearly, a job for After Marking is Finished.

In short, I feel very stupid and technologically incompetent. :(


A couple of weeks ago, Hope pointed out to me that LJ had implemented a Statistics page, so you could see the number of hits on your journal. Like the curious cat I am, I went and had a bit of a poke, went, Whoa! Over a thousand page views for my most recent post! which was just a "Hello cruel world" kind of thing. Then I took out the flist hits, and it was just a hundred or so, and I thought that sounded about right, and my curiosity ran out and I stopped looking.

So, today, I was kind of curious to see what the hits/comment ratio was on the little crack fic I posted yesterday. I thought it would be interesting, because I'm a no-name in Supernatural fandom, so I was guessing the hits would be a fair bit higher than comments, but that there wouldn't be that many hits -- maybe a ratio of 1/100. And sure enough, it's only around 1,000 total hits (including flist readers) and around 10 comments. Not freaky, really, given the size of fandom these days.

Then I made the mistake of wondering how that would compare to a fandom where I was somewhat known.

OMFG. That Torchwood darkfic fest I did in February, where I posted every day? 55,000 total hits for the month; 10,000 for just journal hits.

I'm sure I'm not a particularly special snowflake in terms of traffic, and that's fairly typical traffic on LJ if you post every day, but good grief that's a fucking lot.

Doesn't knowing that stuff freak you guys out?

It freaks me out, although less than it would have this time last year. I keep forgetting how much it does, until I get curious and go and look -- you can tell pretty much every time I do, because I post about being freaked out afterwards. :)

You know what I mean, though, right? I'm actually much less freaked to find out no-one is clicking through than that 55,000 people might have read (or re-read) a post.

The more I have access to stats like this, the less I think they are a good idea. In terms of mental health as a writer, I mean, not in terms of strategic data -- I can see the use if you're trying to increase business or something.

Just about every service has them built-in now. What do you think? Do you use them? Do you ignore them? Do you not even know they're there? Do they freak you out?

One of the things I like about DreamWidth is that it feels like LJ did around 2005: fewer hits, but more engagement. It feels like a community.

And on that note, I think I will go and write more crack. It is surprisingly soothing. :)

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