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So, my phone died. :(

I've had that phone for a really long time. I kinda hate phones, and only used it for taxis and emergencies, so never felt a real need to upgrade it. But now I must. I actually do need to be reachable for work and so on. Perhaps it is time for an iPhone? Being able to access email on it is a selling point for me.

Hmmm. I think I need help with this, or I will just... never get around to it.


On a totally different topic, I promised someone ages ago that I'd tell them the brands of gluten free bread I buy. cricketk, was it you? Anyway, they are:

  • Schar -- imported, absolutely delicious European-style breads. They need to be toasted, but the Ciabattine and chocolate croissants are awesome! NOM. The shop can't keep them in stock. They also do quite nice pizza bases. I'm not a fan of the biscuits, though. Bleh. The shortening tastes too artificial.

  • Zehnder -- this bread is in the freezer section, and comes as sliced loaves. My favourite is the sultana bread, but the wholemeal is nice too, and it also comes in pumpkin, soy and linseed, and potato. Again, it's best toasted, and it's really nice with jam.

Between these two, most of my bread needs are now met.

My favourite gluten free biscuits, if you are wondering, are Butterfingers' pure butter shortbread. So good, no one can tell they are gluten free!

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