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"smaller and weaker" o rly?

You know those misogynist cliches in fic that make you grind your teeth? Like characters thinking to themselves that they're "acting like fourteen year old girls." Or seemingly believing that only men have anal sex. Or that it's a terrible, horrible trial to temporarily have a vagina in a genderfuck story?

I'm officially adding another to the list. It goes like this:
And then Dean realised he was with someone stronger than him. Someone he didn't have to be careful with. Someone who wasn't smaller or weaker.


Seriously. I'm so over this. I mean, quite apart from the fact that it buys into the whole "women are lesser creatures" rubbish, I think it's more myth than fact. These stories are about consensual sexual encounters, and nothing all that "tough" takes place in them, other than the usual over-the-top sexcapades. You could gender-change one of the characters, and the scene would still work exactly as written, except for half the uses of the word "cock"!

Most of the women I know are pretty damn tough and are perfectly capable of holding their own in a variety of situations, both physical and emotional (which, I hasten to add, means they could happily choose to either bottom or top, or both). Also, thinking of the couples I know, some of the women are smaller than their partners, but by no means all.

I call bullshit! Which means it's time for a poll. :)

You are also welcome to expand on this theme in an anonymous comment if you so wish.

ETA: Hi people from metafandom. Two clarifications, just to give context as it's come up a couple of time in comments. 1) Above, I have shorthanded a long debate about cliches in genderfuck stories being misogynist; I do think genderfuck stories can be thoughtful and interesting explorations of transgender issues and queerness without being misogynist, but my shorthand is referring to stories that are essentialist about gender and sexuality, of which the genderfuck genre has more than its share. 2) The poll is open to anyone who identifies as a woman; it's not meant to be empirical, but rather to give a sense of the diversity of women's experiences. Basically, in combination with the fantastic comments, the poll shows that the cliche of women's size/power doesn't map very well to reality.

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