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1. Bodie/Doyle

Back when I first stumbled upon fanfic, this was one of the first ships I ever read and loved. It helped that I was a huge fan of the show, and used to watch it on late night repeats. Best theme music ever, yes? And then there was Doyle, with his tight jeans, frizzy hair, broken cheek, and Terrible Temper. And Bodie, with his suave Bondesque charm, pet names, ruthless streak, and Angsty Mercenary Past.

And they fight crime! (In between snogging in the CI5 cupboards and failing to fool The Cow.)

The Circuit Archive
The oldest and best Pros archive, where all the fic and vids live.

Detachable Penis by The Media Cannibals (songvid)
One of the first songvids I ever saw, and it still stands up *snicker*. Watch Bodie and Doyle search for their missing penis. LOL.

His Reply by Rosemary (aka Tiranog) (NC-17)
One of the joys of Old School ships is that many of the tropes we take for granted now were shiny and new back then. This story is one of those. It's about poetry, which seems a bizarre match with Bodie and Doyle on the face of it, but back when I first read it (long before I'd ever read a songfic), it was pretty revelatory. Actual culture! In slash! With a porn scene! Awesome!

Adagio by Sebastian (NC-17)
How can one rec the Professionals without reccing Sebastian? Back in the day, Sebastian was the BNF. Everyone who'd ever read Pros fic knew Sebastian. This series is long and plotty and probably the piece that stands up best; the dialogue is still sharp as a tack, and the tension between Bodie and Doyle matches the show beautifully.

The Return by Ellis Ward (NC-17)
A beautifully done psychological thriller, in which a kidnapped Bodie is returned, and everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think this is my favourite and most re-read Pros fic; the balance point of Bodie's psyche is so perfectly done.

So, what are your favourites? Share the Bodie/Doyle love in comments. ETA: Or you can leave recs/links for other ships on the all-ships-welcome Share the Love post for this week:


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