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5. Archie/Nero

For those of you playing along at home, yes, I am aware that this pairing could, conceivably, be considered cheating in terms of this week's stated themes. It is, after all, the Timothy Hutton television series from the early noughties that's the best known adaptation of Nero Wolfe, and around which the fandom, such as it is, has clustered.

However! Rex Stout's stories have been around since the 1930s, and the fandom feels Old Skool. That totally counts! *bends rules of my own fest outrageously*

What I love about Nero and Archie is that they are so... extreme. Despite Nero's fussiness and love of beauty, he's as big a thug as Archie, and uses his brain and bad temper to pummel people into submission. Archie, on the other hand, is knowing enough to trade on his beauty, even with Nero, especially with Nero, who finds it refreshing, I suspect. And Archie does it with a quip and a smirk and gets away with it, and the next moment, he's dragging people out of the house by the ankles. The two of them are like caricatures, except with all the shading put back in, and I love that.

I love the period too -- the gangsters and dancing and sharp suits and spats. Let's take a look, shall we? Starting with this rather adorable clip from the 1960s Italian TV series. Italian!Nero tickles me a lot. Look at that cheeky wink he casts Archie, that devil.

And now let's see the Timothy Hutton version...

I love the reversals in that scene -- the dialogue in this fandom is priceless. So sharp and funny. I swear it's foreplay for Archie and Nero, as they revel in each other's wit.

And now, to finish up the shiny portion of the proceedings, here are my two favourite Nero Wolfe songvids.

You all know what's coming next, right? It's poll time. Frankly, you have somewhat redeemed yourselves in my eyes with the responses to the Matt/Ben/Jen poll. While it is clear that Matt is the little black dress of the fandom, Jen got love too, and that makes me happy.

So today, let's see whether you go for Nero's brains or... Archie's slightly brawnier brains. :)

Finally, onto the recs.

The Milk and Orchids Archive
I seem to remember reading this whole archive for the five minutes I was actively pursuing this fandom. It hasn't been updated in ages, but it's still worth a bit of a poke around.

  • Aesthetics by Jennifer Lon (PG-13)
    The backstory of how Nero met Archie. Not overt slash, but with a sly edge to it that really works.

  • Fishing: One, Two by cirrussundog aka Parhelion (PG-13)
    A brilliant and funny take on mutual denial, even as Nero and Archie bow to the inevitable. Such great dialogue!

Links to cool Nero Wolfe related stuff should be left in comments, to wait, like happy surprises, for me to find in the morning.

You are also welcome to leave recs/links for other ships on the all-ships-welcome post for this week (I'll do a round-up post at the end of each week):


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