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Just so you know, I'm being decadent and slothful and taking the weekend off from my fest. As it's meant to be fun and not a chore. :)

I've been pondering writing comment fics or something, but I think I'm even too slothful for that.

Although, speaking of story ideas, apart from the few crackfics I'm poking on at the moment, these ideas occur to me:

  • Castiel is a pervy perv who goes around (in)visibly perving on Dean, right? I kinda yearn for a fic in which he hangs around secretly watching and fascinated by Dean doing dumb shit, like getting his hair cut, or buying a banana on the sly so that Sam won't rag on him for eating something healthy, or window shopping, and just about pressing his nose against the glass for a pair of cowboy boots or something that's totally impractical for hunting, which he'd never waste the money on, but yearns for like a little kid.

  • Two words: hunter gossip! How exactly does word of the Winchester's spread? Have any hunters read the gospel of Chuck? What exactly do hunters say about the Winchesters when they're sitting around in a bar together? Are there tall tales? Is it all actually true, but the hunters are scoffing? Does Castiel ever turn up and overhear it?

I love those kind of slice-of-life stories, where the ordinary and the extraordinary smoosh together in a really surreal way.

What kind of stories do you wish were written more often?

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