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8. Buffy/Spike

I'm really tired tonight, so I'm keeping it short and sweet punchy. ;)

Buffy and Spike. They had smoking hot chemistry right from the start, which turned every fight scene into foreplay, except when it was played for laughs in delightful eps like Something Blue. It just got more and more intense as the seasons rolled on, until that moment -- the big song and dance finale kiss in Once More with Feeling. Wasn't that such a great ep?

I was a shipper long before that, from about... erm... Spike inna wheelchair, I think. What a great ride early Spuffy shippers had, with all those many seasons of UST, and then, as icing, Buffy and Spike becoming not only a canon pairing, but one of the few canon pairings to somehow retain the UST. How did they do that?

Anyway, below the cut is today's songvid, which is a gorgeous tribute to Buffy and Spike, of course, but quite apart from that, it's the songvid that convinced me that songvids were an art form in their own right. The first time I saw it, I couldn't stop staring.

Even now, years later, it's still fucking awesome, just like the ship it celebrates.

Download from: Luminosity's website (scroll down)

Okay, time to see who you'd rather bite...

BtVS Buffy/Spike, 'The Last Summer' by Annie Sewell-Jennings (NC-17) Warning: deathfic.
Yeah, I know; a deathfic, right. Who knew that would make it on my shipping list? But here's the thing: this is a re-working of Shute's On the Beach, with early in the series, still-evil Spike. It's an apocalypse no-one can escape, not even immortals. And that's sad and dark, yes, but it's also an odd kind of liberation.

A whole heap of Spuffy disappeared when Geocities went down, but I'm sure there must be some new and awesome stuff around. Share the love, people. *points to comment button*

You are also welcome to leave recs/links for other ships on the all-ships-welcome post for this week (I'll do a round-up post at the end of each week):


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