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11. John/Aeryn

I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes my reasons for shipping are shallow. Take John and Aeryn, for instance. Because let's face it, Farscape is a very, very pretty show, and the characters have all been hit with pretty sticks -- repeated applications in some cases, I suspect.

So we have Aeryn, who takes smokin' and awesome to whole new levels. And John's not hard on the eyes either. What's not to like about that combination?

Of course the ship gets super bonus points for actually stopping with the UST (after suitable seasons of angst, of course) and letting the relationship progress. It's rare to see that, especially in SF, and in the end that's a large part of what sells it for me. I like seeing characters having to move past the teenage-crush stage and face some real decisions and compromises.

But I also wasn't joking about the pretty.

Farscape was such a gorgeous vidding fandom. It's really the fandom that made me fall in love with technique in vids, because vidders took advantage of the eye candy in a way I hadn't seen before. It's a regular feature of songvids now, but it was new and awesome to me when I discovered Farscape.

Here are two of my re-watching favourites that will give you an idea of what I mean:

FARS John/Aeryn, 'Until My Dying Day' by drgnfille (PG-13)
This one makes me sigh with delight every time. It's so unabashedly romantic, and it just works in a way I didn't think romance could anymore. <3

FARS John/Aeryn, 'The Sky Is Broken' by JS & AAR (PG-13)
And at the other end of the spectrum, we have an ode to grief. This vid is spare and stark and relentless, and makes me ache for Aeryn. God, Aeryn.

So. Ready to click? Ready to find out who's gonna win this round? It's a tough call, but I know who I'm voting for. :)

Fic Rec

FARS John/Aeryn, 'Scientist, Astronaut, and Nymphomaniac: The nine lives of John Crichton' by feldman (NC-17)
A fantastic genderfuck romp!

Leave your red-hot John/Aeryn links and recs in comments.

You are also welcome to leave recs/links for other ships on the all-ships-welcome post for this week (I'll do a round-up post at the end of each week):


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