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12. Picard/Q

I have a thing for God/mortal pairings, okay. Throw in the trickster aspects of Q, and the little hints you get of Picard's off-duty anything-goes attitude, and you have the fanworks equivalent of catnip.

Let's revisit, shall we...

I don't feel the need to sell the pairing more than that. So, onward to today's songivd:

ST:TNG Picard/Q, 'Footloose' by sdwolfpup (songvid) (pg-13)
All-singing, all-dancing songvid awesomeness, in which Q woos Picard. :)

Hmmm. It fascinates me which pairings end up with more votes for individuals, and which for the partnership. I can't wait to see which it'll be for these two.

Fic Recs
ST:TNG No Pairing, 'Games' by jij (G)
A short, but well-drawn drabble, which captures Q's fascination perfectly.

ST:TNG No Pairing, The Truth and Nothing But the Truth by Alara J Rogers (PG-13)
A slight AU, set while Q is human aboard the Enterprise. This is from Q's POV, and he's such an awesome unreliable narrator -- everything is skewed, even while being the absolute truth.

Past Duties by astolat (PG-13)
An absolutely happymaking fic, in which Picard and Q finally get where they're going.

There really is a horrible dearth of decent Picard/Q fanworks out there, so I don't suppose you'll have links. But I will enjoy them a lot if you do. :)

You are also welcome to leave recs/links for other ships on the all-ships-welcome post for this week (I'll do a round-up post at the end of each week):


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