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Embarrassing Confessions

It's been one of those days.

  1. I went to see Westside Story tonight. It was a bizarre experience. I kept cringing every time the characters opened their mouths, because it achieved a full-house of fail: race fail, gender fail, disability fail, trans fail.

    The whole thing was so full of white, male privilege it was painful to watch. And yet... the performers were so fantastic that we all agreed that the show was worth watching anyway.

    I'm still feeling the emotional dissonance.

    (Juanita was the star of the show -- just awesome beyond the telling. That part isn't embarrassing at all.)

  2. While eating breakfast this morning, I managed to read a fic that made me sob. I must have missed the deathfic warning, because it totally blindsided me. And then I had to pull myself together and go and teach.

    Feeling the need for a mental health day after reading fic... I'm not the only one that's happened to, right?

    Stupid emotions.

  3. Have you ever bought a movie entirely because of one of the actors in it, even though you knew it was going to be a dog?

    Yeah, I kind of did that last week, and it just arrived today.

    Well, actually... it's even more embarrassing than that. See, I bought this particular terrible video because I watched a songvid of it. The songvid was pretty awesome (I'm not embarrassed about liking the songvid :). However, I only watched the songvid in the first place because it had Misha Collins in it.

    *dies a little inside*

    I can feel you all judging me, you know, but that's okay. I'm judging me too.

    Anyway the film is called Finding Home. It has the most angsty cover in the world, and I'm going to watch it right now. I will report back on exactly how terrible it is tomorrow. I have high hopes for the sheer LOL value.

So, what embarrassing stuff have you done lately? I've set the bar high here, people. I dare you to top it.

(OMG, the insidious influence of Misha Collins, how did that even happen? Hahahahaha. *facepalm*)

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