cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,


I hate iTunes with a burning intensity, which is really problematic, as I love my iPhone and iPod.

I'll chug along using iTunes for months with a low-level loathing, and I'll just about get reconciled to it, and then it crashes my computer when I plug in an Apple device, and wipes everything, and I remember why I hate it again.

It's so unwieldy, insists on the user filling out a billion screens before you can do anything, and won't auto-backup if you don't, insists on updating itself every five minutes, has such a fucking horrible interface and is so unstable.

I hate it. I can't believe Apple made it. I can't understand why most people love it.


Also, I now no longer have any contacts on my phone. Just as well I never call anyone, I guess. :(

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Tags: rant
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