cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

reccing like the wiiind

I've been slack with re-posting my recs over to rec_room lately, so I've just finished posting the biggest rec set in the world.

*wipes brow*

OMG, so many Dean/Castiel Big Bang fics. I love Big Bangs. But now that it's over, what am I going to read?

Speaking of recs, have you all read Waldorf's Spocktoria? It's so much fun! Spock, as King of the Universe! And Kirk, as his disreputable and unsuitable minor-Prince suitor. LOL. You should all read it at once.

And that goes just as much for FayJay's awesome Merlin AU. It's the best modern-day Arthur-as-Prince-of-England I've read so far:

That'll keep you reading for a minute or two. :)

So what else is awesome? Have I missed something epic and page-turning? Pimp me your faves, people. I need something to fill the Dean/Castiel Big Bang gap.

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