cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Fest glee

deancas_xmas has started! Yay.

Other than Festivids, this is the only thing I signed up for this year, and I did it on an eleventh twelfth hour whim just because I had the tab open in a moment of weakness. After I pressed the button, I was sure I'd regret it, even though I really love fests. The thing is, I got a bit burnt out, so I've not done the formal fest thing much the last couple of years.

I was wrong, though; I haven't felt a whiff of regret!

In fact, I'm surprised how excited I am about deancas_xmas, given that I'm barely in Supernatural fandom at all. It turns out I missed fests way more than I thought!

That's the best result ever of taking time off, right? To get all excited about it again.

I kind of wish I'd signed up for more now. I love filling people's prompts -- it's the best kind of challenge, because you get to make someone happy. Maybe I'll be able to suss out some flashfic ones, and have some more fun next week.

What have all of your signed up for? What's your favourite part of festing?

Mmmmmmmm. Feeeessssts.

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