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Things I've loved recently...

I've had a very restful few days, which I really needed -- I was exhausted. I've pretty much just been noodling around and sleeping a lot. And occasionally clicking links to cool stuff.

Here are some recent favourites.

SPN No Pairing, 'Sam 'n Dean shimeji' tanpopo03 (fan art)
For those days when you just want to watch miniature Sams and Deans scamper about your computer screen. :)

SPN Dean/Castiel, 'Almost Like Being in Love' a Fanmix by nanoochka
My favourite fanmix to date. So good.

SPN Various Pairings, 'Supernatural Advent' by cafe_de_labeill (fan art)
And while you're listening to the awesome fanmix, you can entertain yourself with this adorable Christmas-themed fan art series.

And on a non-fannish note: Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus, embedded behind the cut.

*happy sigh* I love flash mobs.

So what cool stuff have you discovered recently? Vids? Art? Fic? Something non-fannish or seasonal?

I haven't done Yuletide at all this year, and don't plan to, but if there's a must-read story let me know, okay.

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