cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Remastered songvid: 'Lalita' by cupidsbow (Bride and Prejudice, PG-13)

I have just completed my first remastered songvid.

The final songvid I made with MovieMaker before moving over to Sony Vegas was last year's Festivid for the movie Bride & Prejudice. Although I was mostly happy with the editing in terms of the sequence, I really wasn't happy with the rendered version of the vid -- it was squished and faded and didn't do justice to the gorgeous source material.

So I fixed it. This makes me ridiculously happy. :)

I've made a few minor changes. None to the sequence (although my fingers itched, but the vid is what it is), but to things like transitions and effects, which work differently in Sony Vegas. When I had to make changes, I chose things that I thought matched the style of the original version.

Anyway, here it is. Lalita! Shiny, colourful, pretty, and with lots and lots of dancing. Enjoy!

'Lalita' is available as a download, streaming and embedded at the splashpages:


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