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Then she led you to the path of righteousness

Just, FYI...

Then: Related to time or sequence of events.
  • If ... then ...

    If DADT were ever repealed, then John would fulfil a secret fantasy and kiss Rodney in the gateroom.

  • First one thing, then something else.

    As soon as she had managed to escape, Gabrielle was going to punch Xena in the face, then she was going to kick her in the groin. Then she was going to kiss her stupid.

Than: Used to make comparisons.
  • More than this, less than that.

    Ianto had given it a lot of thought and decided that on the scale of good shags, Jack rated higher on his "I'd turn gay for that" list than Harrison Ford and Mike Phillips (no-one took a Rugby tackle like Philips, oh Lord), but lower than Denzel Washington.

Lead: The present tense of the verb "to lead". (Also a soft metal.)
  • He leads them to...

    Castiel leads his brothers on a merry chase through several dimensions and more than one timezone.

  • She was in the lead.

    In the lead-up to the Apocalypse, Willow had stopped seven omens, and Spike three, but Buffy was in the lead with eighteen.

Led: Past tense of "to lead".
  • She led them to...

    DeLenn's plan was working perfectly: none of Bester's agents suspected a thing as she led them straight towards the waiting ambush.

  • The procession was led by...

    The path towards Mordor was ruinous and tricky, but the rescue party was led by Gollum through secret ways.

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