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The farm in summer

Over the Christmas holidays, I played with the camera in my iPhone, and then used Panorama Stitch to make some composite shots. It's a really easy program to use, and makes gorgeous photos. Here are my faves of my parents' farm.

The view from the back yard...

If you are wondering, that is actually the colour of the sky as captured by the iPhone, which is a pretty close match for reality. I haven't touched up any of the pictures at all, except to crop out the ragged edges made by stitching several pics together.

One of the side paddocks...

The colours at sunset are glorious, but if you look closely, you can see how dry the ground is. Sand. That's actually fairly typical of the region -- Australia doesn't have a reputation for being an enormous desert for nothing. I think it's rained about 5 times on the farm in the last two years. The tourists think it's awesome, and everyone else despairs.

Looking up towards the small hill...

See those trees on the skyline? My folks planted most of them. It was just a big empty line of blue and dun when they bought the farm. I helped plant and water the first lot. The survival rate was about 50% -- damn good in other words. The way this photo is oriented, you'd never guess that behind me are aquaculture ponds, right? There are springs nestled right at the bottom of the valley.

Leading down to the ponds...

It's hard to believe all that bare, blood-red sand is right next to natural springs. I love the contrast, but it's always kind of a shock to the senses.

Beside the ponds...

This isn't all of the ponds, as they stretch out over quite a distance. I couldn't get a shot that really showed them all. This one is spectacular, though.

And that's why Aussies get pissed off when every single online service pretends Christmas is snowy and that Northern hemisphere seasons are the only reality. Can we please stop that now.

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