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Wild Castiel Hypotheses

I have been putting off watching Supernatural season 6, largely because I've learned my lesson. I'm not watching any show in which I'm even mildly invested without an alpha viewer vetting it first.

I do, however, have some speculations on Castiel, given the story arc (such as it is) I'm picking up so far in fanfic.

So. Castiel. Poor Castiel has two major hurdles facing him this season. First, he's a break-out character, and we all know what happens to break-out characters, right? They usually end up tortured and/or dead. Sometimes repeatedly. Second, despite a momentary loss of faith in Season 5, he's not really been the focus of the full Supernatural angst-arc, while both Dean and Sam have.

Of course, torture and/or death is nothing new on Supernatural, pretty much everyone ends up tortured and/or dead at least once.

But wait! There's another card in the Supernatural deck. I like to call it the "go straight to Hell" card. And this fits nicely with the fact that I doubt Castiel can escape a major Angst Arc at the end of this season, assuming he survives.

I think he's going to go evil in the finale and end up in Hell (not dead, but Evil). This does not please me, but I think it's inevitable. I also think TPTB will come up with some ingenious twist to make it even worse. Like... it means Dean's soul will be forfeit to Hell again when he dies. Or... actually I'm deleting my other wild supposition because it creeps me out too much.

So what's your wild guess for how the ending of season 6 will be designed to torture viewers?

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