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More hypotheses

Thanks to everyone who left recs on yesterday's vidding post -- I'm really enjoying them, and will sum up my thoughts once I've got the last of this batch of marking done.

Speaking of which, I'm taking a sanity break from marking to elaborate on my Castiel hypothesis, and also put forward my Jack Harkness hypothesis. Some Supernatural season 6 spoilers behind the cut, as gleaned from fanworks.

So, Castiel.

Further to my post the other day (Wild Castiel Hypotheses), the evidence is pointing more towards my theory that he's going to go evil. Judging by fan reaction, the text has finally, canonically implied that he's in love with Dean. And as he's coded male, that means... dum dum DUM! Oh noes, he's a gay angel. Totes must be evil then, right?


I mean, Castiel's epic love story has been part of the text from day one, but always side-stepped and unspoken and barely acknowledged. I'm not talking about this as a slasher, but about the way Castiel's motivations in-text have been linked to Dean. It doesn't necessarily have to be read as a sexual awakening; angelic obsession works just fine too. But even in the places where Castiel's obsession could have become more overtly depicted, it's mostly been avoided or elided in the text.

Consider Anna. I never thought Castiel seemed very jealous of her, although it's a popular fannish trope so others may well disagree. My reading is that Dean tends not to have sexual relationships with non-human people, so once Anna's re-angeled, that was pretty much off the plate as an option, despite Dean's habitual leering. Still, once she started hanging around and helping out, Castiel was quick to get rid of her. The text never really drew a connection between Castiel betraying her and Anna and Dean's history, so it's easy enough not to read it that way. But it so easily could have been implied. Especially as even in season 4, other angels made comments about Castiel caring too much about the humans.

It became much more overt in season 5, about as overt as it could get without crossing the homosocial line into openly homoerotic: Castiel was obviously falling; there was that fight in the alley; the handing over of the pendant; Castiel declaring he'd done it all for Dean; and all the hints about Castiel's increasingly human appetites.

My point is, the implied love story, at least on Castiel's side, has always been there. But it's always been the love that dare not speak. (I actually think you can make a case that it's mutual, and Dean feels it too, but that's another post. :)

Now, in season 6, we have a Castiel who openly claims a profound bond with Dean, has a canonical interest in learning about sex, showed sexual interest in an inappropriate object (and we all knows what happens to people who do that: Sam), and has, no matter how jokingly, been declared in love with Dean by Balthazar. (Interestingly, we also have an angel changing gender representations, but I don't think this is going to impact on Castiel being coded as "gay".)

As this is Supernatural, and given their track record, the only way I can see this being played out now that it's crossed over from sub-textual to textual is as a toxic love. Dean won't acknowledge it, Castiel will compromise his morals due to it, and the end result will be Evil Castiel. Betcha.

I'm kind of hoping the show pulls a rabbit out of the hat on this, and does something different. I would love to be proven wrong. Up until now, Castiel's obsession has mostly been represented as a good and useful thing; and, if anything, it's Dean's lack of ability to acknowledge it that's made it go sour. It would be really, really refreshing to have Dean bust out of his prison of self-loathing and make a connection in a positive and life-affirming way, whether that's coded as friendship or brotherhood or whatever. And it would be awesome for Castiel to finally have acknowledgement of the profound bond he feels, which he clearly yearns for.

It's a slim hope, though.

Captain Jack

Miracle Day sounds kind of silly, but whatever. It's all in the treatment, right? I won't be watching until it's vetted and passed by an alpha watcher I trust.

However, given what's been leaked of the premise, I think this is how the show is planning to get around John Barrowman aging. Whatever textual solution is figured out to rectify Miracle Day will turn Jack mortal again and/or kill him. Betcha.

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