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Swancon: The Politics of Fanworks

Yeah, I know Swancon was a week ago, but I've pretty much been asleep all week. It's been lovely, and I really needed it. But I thought I'd better post stuff before any more time went by.

Below the cut are the fanworks [personal profile] chaosmanor and I recommended for the Politics of Fanworks panel. They were intended as a starting point for discussion; they aren't the "best" examples on a given theme, or definitive in any way, but they do give some sense of the range of topics being covered.

And here's the link to [personal profile] chaosmanor's fanwork which speaks back to Keen: It's the Economy. I think the dog is my favourite part.

TREK REBOOT Various Pairings, 'You're Gonna Make It After All' by igrockspock (fanfic)

TREK Various pairings, ‘Trashy Vulcan Romance Novels’ by innervoice_chan and tvcatbarn (fan art and fanfic)

BtVS-TWILIGHT Buffy/Edward, ‘Buffy vs Edward’ by rebelliouspixels (fan vid)

SPN Dean/Castiel, 'Make the rockin' world go round' by cafe_de_labeill (fan art)

SPN No Pairing, 'Supernatural Racebending' by glockgal (fan art)

META ‘Good Fourth Walls Make Good Neighbours’ by counteragent (fan art)

J2 RPS-DARK ANGEL Jared/Jensen, 'September' by dragonspell (fanfic)

SHERLOCK BBC Holmes/Watson, ‘Sex is Boring’ Mr_X_Indeed (fanfic)

HOLMES Sherlock/John/Mary, 'Marriage á Trois' by sorrel (fanfic)

META ‘Love and Marriage’ by melannen

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