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Swancon: Vidding

I promised links to the vids I showed and discussed in my vidding panel. Here they are, where still available.

If you're a local (Aussie/Kiwi) vidder, get in touch with me. I'd love to put together a show of Aussie and NZ works for the next con.

TREK Worst Job in Starfleet, AkharinFlint (No longer available)
MISC (Evil Dead) Evil Love Shack of Darkness, sol-se
MULTI Half the Man, isagel
MISC (Jurassic Park) They Want More, bironic
MULTI I Want to Be Evil, Lithiumdoll
GWTW Gold Digger, AbsoluteDestiny
WHO Boulevard of Broken Songs, hollywoodgrrl
MISC (Minority Report) Silence, aycheb
MULTI The Golden Age of Video, Ricardo Autobahn
TREK REBOOT Spork An Erotic Love Story, jiaren_shadow and cirrocumulus
MISC (Scrubs) Dance Across the Floor, littleheaven70
MULTI Modern Love, ferdalump

I didn't have a formal playlist for Show 2, but this is my best recollection. Many of these are already linked over on my delicious account: rec_room. And some are easily Googleable. I'll paste in links over the next week or so.

TREK Closer, TJonesy and Killa
MISC (The Fall) Once Upon a Time, kiki-miserychic
300 Vogue, Luminosity
BtVS Tragedy, dualbunny
FFLY How Much is that Geisha, Lierdumoa
META Kiki Miserychic profile, bradcpu
MISC 10 Things I Hate About Commandments
MISC (CHiPs) Life is a Highway, chinashop
MISC (Cybill) LUFF, greensnail
MISC (Gilda) Rock Steady, aycheb
MISC (Sound of Music) Lullabye for a Stormy Night, barkley
MISC (The Big Lebowski)State of Confusion, littleheaven
MISC (Thoroughly Modern Milly) Move Your Feet, countessmary
MISC (Will & Grace) Paul McCartney, jarrow
MISC Amateur, Lasse Gertsen
MISC Bootystyle, Kiki MIserychic
MISC Scary Mary, Chris Rule
MULTI She Blinded me with Science, counteragent
MULTI The Glass, thingswithwings
MULTI Your Man, Charmax
MUPPETS, I Gotta Feeling, countessmary
NCIS Be Somebody, tearful_eye
MISC Bronte Sisters Power Dolls, FineMoustaches
RPF Piece of Me, obsessive24
RPF Single Ladies, creativenuts
SGA Absolutely Cuckoo, zoetrope
SGA Stress, Rache & Sandy
SGA Supersmart, cesperanza
SGA The Meaning of Life, Obfreak
SV Freestyler, obsessive24
WHO OMG, obsessive24
WHO Set my World into Motion, beccatoria

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