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In which I restrain myself from giving a spoilery subject line

Spoilers for the season 6 finale of Supernatural behind the cut.

So, remember how I posted a wild hypothesis about what I thought would happen to Castiel at the end of the season?

Yeah. Picked it.

I haven't seen the ep, I'm going by the fandom reaction. That said, it looks like I got a few minor details wrong, but the general thrust -- Castiel turns into an evil superpower and the next Big Bad -- totally picked it.

What do I think about this? Cool plot twist, objectively speaking, but it sucks because of the way it was done. I think there's only one way it can play out in season 7 that will please me, and it's this...

Castiel's "evilness" was foreshadowed by playing up his gay love for Dean in season 6. It was used to whack us over the head with his Terrible Wrongness and the fact that he'd left the path of *coff* righteousness.

I'm so fucking over using homophobic subtext this way. Seriously. I was already choking on the misogyny and racism in Supernatural, so it's not like it's unexpected, just more than I can stomach.

The only way season 7 can redeem itself in my eyes is if Dean saves the day (and Castiel) by telling Cas he loves him and giving him a big hug, thus valorising Castiel's big gay love. Plus, Castiel can't then immediately die a noble death.

Let's face it, this scenario is never going to happen, because this is Dean, and this is the Supernatural writing team, who are so full of isms it's practically their trademark. The way they've written him, Dean can barely admit to loving Sam or Bobby or Lisa. I doubt that's going to change any time soon.

The stupid thing is that if they hadn't used homophobic foreshadowing, I'd be cheering this development. Yes, it's a cliche, but that's because it's interesting. And Misha Collins is going to chew the scenery so well.

I won't be watching though, not until season 7 and this story arc is over and someone I trust has vetted it. I'm really glad I didn't invest in this season. I didn't trust the creators, and that was the right choice for me.

And in light of all that, how much am I laughing right now that Dean/Castiel are winning Spoiler TV's TV Romance Competition?

So many LOLs.


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