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At the Movies

I went on a movie date with my parents the other day, and saw Water for Elephants. It was surprisingly enjoyable and I recommend it.

Mum said the book was better, which I believe, as it's the kind of story where a slow unravelling of the plot would make it more intense. I might have a read; I'm partial to historical circus stories and haven't read a good one in a while.

IMDB gives it 7, for what that's worth. Here is the entry:

Not having read the book, I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would. It's got an actual plot and character development (shock!), and the animals and circus acts rock. Also the villain is charismatic and gets hoist by his own petard. My favourite kind!

The leads are also enjoyable. I like Reece Witherspoon a lot and find her very watchable. Her role is probably the most stereotypical of the three leads in this, but she makes a fair fist of it anyway. Edward... err, Robert, was much better than I was expecting too, although he does still pout the requisite amount. :)

Have a trailer. It doesn't do the story or era justice, but it shows you how pretty the film is:

I've also been watching (or in some cases re-watching) fairy tale remakes over the last few months. I had a go at A Cinderella Story the other day, and LOLed a lot. I do not recommend this one, in fact, quite the opposite.

IMDB gives it 5.4, which is generous, as I couldn't sit through it and turned it off at the prom:

Watching this made me feel very, very old, mostly because I liked all the wrong characters. Hilary Duff was lovely, actually. I didn't mind watching her. The best friend was okay, although the writers were trying a bit hard for "quirky". They were benign enough, but I didn't really fall in love with them. That's not such a problem with the friend, but it is with Cinderella -- the first rule of romance is that you have to at least fall in love with the two leads.

That's not the biggest problem, though. That's reserved for the prince who was actively horrible (which I don't think was entirely CMM's fault) -- he was bland and whiny and spoiled, and I don't know why anyone would want him. Ew.

My two favourite characters, which really says everything you need to know about me, were the Stepmother, who is completely hilarious, and the School Weirdo (I'd totally date him, if he were 20 years older). However, they aren't in it enough to make it worth watching the whole thing. Well, maybe if you fast forward.

Have a trailer:

So what have you seen lately? Anything worth a look? Anything horrifyingly bad? Or did you fall in love with any characters you weren't meant to? <== If so, you must share. I'm developing a palate for those types of characters. :)

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