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Best TV Romance?

I don't know about all of you, but I've been reluctantly fascinated by the current Spoiler TV competition for the best TV Romance.

Reluctant, because the comments have been filled with all the usual homophobic vitriol masquerading as "logic," and the responses which have run the gamut from passionate over-reaction to insightful critique. I never know whether to feel guilty for giving the trolls space in my brain by reading this kind of stuff, or to think that this kind of discussion in public fora is really important for inching non-essentialist points of view further into the mainstream. Bit of both probably.

Fascinated, because the final round has two gay couples: Dean & Castiel (Supernatural) vs. Kurt & Blaine (Glee). The only way this could be better is if one of the couples was lesbian (Bo and Kenzi from Lost Girl, perhaps), as I do think it's a shame there are no women in the final. That said, two gay couple is kind of awesome!

The final round is currently open for voting here. (Warning: There are, as the site's name implies, spoilers in comments.)

What do you think? A sign of a slow but real change in norms, or just another disposable poll? Or both? (Let's not get caught up in pointless binaries when we can explore spectrums :)

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