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surprise extra flavouring

I've pretty much spent all of today marking until my eyes crossed. Gruelling. But I have only one set of assignments left to mark. Yay.

Anyway, I got home around an hour ago, which is pretty late; I'm tired, hungry, a bit headachy, and not really up for cooking anything fancy, but I'm craving a casserole. Hot, gooey comfort food with lots of vegetables. Nom nom nom. Fortunately, I planned ahead for this! I bought all the makings, and a pre-made gourmet sauce I could pour over the top and bake.

I whipped up the bits no problems: onions, lima beans, chicken. Then I went to pour over the sauce, and discovered this...

My response to the surprise extra flavouring: DO NOT WANT.

It was still alive and wriggling! Yuck.

Thankfully I had a whole punnet of cherry tomatoes, so I used them and a bunch of herbs and a zucchini to finish off my casserole. But I'm scarred, people. SCARRED.

What's the worst surprise extra flavouring you've ever encountered? Share your horror stories! The grosser the better. And that's not something I say every day. :)

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