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Delicious rant cont: And another thing...

...I hadn't realised it, but as well as getting all my fic needs delivered to me on a plate by Delicious, I was getting all the meta too. People would just bookmark that too, and it would turn up in my subscriptions.

It's taken me all this time, plus lurking on Diigo, Fanlore, and doing a Google search to find what used to take me 10 minutes.

Can we have now, please?

Other commentary of interest:

  • The /Report podcast by rageprufrock and mklutz, discussing Delicious, and alternative sites.
  • Delicious v/s Diigo v/s Pinboard is what Bookshop has to say, with some useful stuff about Diigo and Pinboard.
  • the great delicious migration -- a public, editable Google doc with people's fannish handles across different services.
  • ETA: Wishlist brainstorming hosted by Kaigou, who is asking for the features of your dream bookmarking site (this is not associated with an existing service, like the Pinboard Google Doc is).

I'm thinking of opening a Pinboard account as a backup to Diigo now. It's a paid site, but cheap (~US$10), and there's a reasonable fannish uptake, plus fan-friendly owner/developers.

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