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The news of delicious today

Just a quick update, as I have to do that work thing all too soon.

  • Delicious beta status: what the AVOS team have to say today. Basically they have fixed some stuff. There's still a lot broken. I can now get tag/jared/jensen to give me a useable reading list, for what that's worth.

  • Find your fannish network again, using this public, editable Google doc listing fannish pseuds across different social networking services.

  • The Diigo group Delicious Fandom has grown a lot overnight. You can use it to reconnect with people there. There has been some commentary about Diigo being sucky to fans by automatically privating certain bookmarks for adult content. They are thinking of the kids, of course. Plus they've marked some big imports from Delicious as spam. :( I'm still using it as my primary tool for now.

  • I'm not on Pinboard yet, but will add a link to fandom central here if there is one on that service. Fans seem very happy with it so far. Downside is you have to pay a one-off entry fee. It's still pretty low at the moment (around US$10).

  • Brownbetty has posted instructions of extracting your delicious bookmarks using a coding loophole. Use it fast as it'll probably be gone soon.

  • Kaigou is hosting a fannish bookmarking wishlist. This post isn't affiliated with any existing service.

  • Anatsuno has started a Pinboard wishlist on an editable Google doc. She's also posted about it here.

  • OTW have been discussing this situation too. Bookmarking is on their agenda, but as always, they are volunteers and can only do so much at once. If you want to help out, they are looking for new volunteers.

Have a fic-filled day, people. :)

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