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Prediction results: SPN and TW

So I made two predictions about Supernatural, and one about Torchwood: Miracle Day. Let's see how I did.

SPOILERS beneath the cuts!

I predicted (due to the big gay foreshadowing of Castiel's forbidden love for Dean last season) that Castiel would go evil, and Misha would get a chance to chew the scenery. I actually posted this one at great length, which you can primarily find here, as well as in other posts tagged supernatural.

I also predicted that Castiel would die in episode two of season 7. I didn't elaborate on this one in posts (although I did mention it in passing while talking about the prediction above), as I was hoping it was wrong, wrong, so very wrong. *bitchface*

Yeah, so much for that.

It's possible he's only Mostly Dead, of course, given his history of resurrection. OTOH, given the Big Gay Foreshadowing of last season, and how homophobic the show is, I doubt a return will be anything substantive unless ratings go into the toilet.

RESULT: My crystal ball is super awesome, with super bonus points for a) Misha's toothmarks on the scenery, and b) picking the actual episode of doom.

I predicted that the main reason for the silly premise of Miracle Day was to kill off Jack, so the show wouldn't have to deal with John Barrowman aging.

So, I got this one totally wrong. I am in two minds about this. On one hand, I didn't want to watch Jack die, which is one of the many reasons I didn't watch MD. So, yay for surviving! On the other hand, what other point was there for that whole plot (such as it was)? It's just stupid that he didn't die, and makes no story sense. Not that I expected much story sense from RTD, but come on. Seriously?

RESULT: My crystal ball fails to grok RTD's story sense. Yay!

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