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Dear Festividder / Sekrit Santa...

I have managed to take part in fests for many, many years without ever writing one of these letters before. Thought I'd give it a go this year, but I have to admit I feel all kinds of awkward doing so. Giving it my best shot anyway.

Dear Festividder / Secret Santa,

First up, my goal here is to give you an idea of what I like. When I first get an assignment for a fest, I go off and poke around at my assigned fan's journal, trying to figure out their interests: reading their fic and meta, watching their vids, having a look at their recs, and generally being a mini-stalker in an effort to get a sense for what they like.

If you are here mini-stalking me in a similar manner, then I have to say: \o/. We are on the same wavelength, you and I! To make your job of figuring my tastes out easier, this letter is all about providing you with handy links to my stuff.

Let's start with the obvious:

The top five things you need to know about my taste in fanworks:

  1. I love friendship romances, whether they are platonic, het or slash. If you have the characters genuinely liking each other, I will very likely adore what you make me.

  2. I love plotty stories, whether they are case fics, sci-fi, romances, or what have you. Just please, I beg you, have the drama rising from something other than the two characters fighting or misunderstanding each other. I'm really tired of plot points based on a) people being stupid, or b) a misunderstanding that could be resolved in about five minutes of normal conversation.

  3. I love visually striking vids, usually based around character studies, or a clever narrative twist, or a cunning constructed reality. I also tend to like vids to fast-paced music.

  4. No misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc., unless you are using them seriously and thoughtfully as an important theme in the work. Likewise, no non-con. I will occasionally read/watch non-con as you will see from my recs, but I don't want it in a fest. Not in any form, no matter how carefully treated.

  5. I love things that are a bit quirky and different -- for instance, turning a cliche on its head, or turning what's usually a source of angst into a source of delight for the characters. Genderbending. Turn Left stories. That kind of thing. Playfulness in story crafting, whether fictional or visual, pleases me very much.

    All of that said, I like a wide range of genres, themes and styles of fanworks. You will be pretty safe if you give me friendship (whether gen or slash), and otherwise go with your own strengths.

    Dear Festividder,

    True confession: I'm totally easy when it comes to vids.

    I loved both of the vids I've received so far for Festivids, so I feel no hesitation in saying the odds are well in your favour for me loving yours too.

    My requests give you all the important info you need about my favourite elements of the sources, I think, so I'll just add a note about music. I'm terrible at suggesting music because my taste is broad and eclectic. To give you an idea: I like Danger Mouse's remix, The Grey Album, The Last of the Mohican's soundtrack, Philip Glass's Solo Piano, AC/DC and ABBA and Dido, and Lady Gaga's Telephone. They are all kinda overdone in vids (I've used some of them myself), so don't feel you have to use any of them; hopefully they give you a sense of what I mean though.

    I find a lot of my favourite new music from watching vids and downloading fanmixes, so it's less that I have favourite artists now, and more that I love particular songs. If you pick music to suit the source, it should work for me.

    My requests:

    1. Wimbledon 2004
    I am terrible at suggesting music. Sorry about that. I like lots of different styles though. Pick what suits the source and the mood of the vid, and I'll be happy. You can see what sort of vids I've recced in the past at cupidsbow on Diigo if that will help.
    These requests aren't in order of preference -- I would honestly be happy with any of them. What I love about Wimbledon is the physicality and competition, and how that's woven into the romance. If you can make a heart-pumping tennis vid, and include both the leads, that would be awesome.

    2. Wallace and Gromit series
    Oh, Gromit. I love Gromit. My favourite of these is The Wrong Trousers, because the penguin masquerading as a rooster makes me laugh and laugh. I also love Shaun the Sheep. Something kooky and funny with lots of Gromit would hit the spot.

    3. Twelfth Night 1996
    This is my favourite Shakespeare play of all time, and one of my favourite ever adaptations to film. I love the brooding drama, the autumnal colours, the action merging into slapstick, the genderbending. Viola and Olivia are my favourites, but I also love Sebastian and Antonio. Make something gorgeous.

    4. SeaChange
    This is one of my favourite shows. Laura and Diver Dan are my favourites, closely followed by Kevin and Trevor. But I love all the characters. The ep where Laura was riding her bike all around town was pretty adorable. A slice of small town life would be awesome for this, or a character study; something that captures the humour and good-will of the show. I have a real friendship kink, and this source would be perfect for something along those lines too.

    5. Eye of the Beholder
    Nine Inch Nails, maybe?
    This is such a stylish movie, and I love the obsessive camera work and broken characters. I have no idea how you'd vid this, but I bet it would be stunning.

    6. Mad Max series
    AC/DC maybe?
    Action! The Australian landscape! Max causing maxium havoc! If you do this one, I'd love a full on pounding visual disaster of a vid, with minimal gore (but don't shy away if it's needed), and maximum speed and action.

    7. Operation Condor
    I love Jackie Chan, and I think this is my favourite of all his films. The sequence with the giant wind turbine made me laugh so hard I cried. Make Jackie look awesome and funny and you will make me one very happy girl.

    8. Grease
    The movie's theme song might actually be great fun for this.
    It's all about the dancing, baby! Show me their moves, and make it fast-paced and pretty. If you want to throw in some teen angst, I'll consider it a bonus. :)

    Dear Deancas-xmas Santa,

    First up, I ticked both "Fiction" and "Vid" as the types of fanworks I'd like, and I genuinely mean that I would be happy with either. I really don't have a preference. Make whichever you think suits your own strengths and interests best.

    Other than that, I'm just gonna sound like a broken record and say again that I want the characters to like each other, whether they stay friends or fall in love. Pretty please, with multi-fandom sprinkles on top.

    My tastes in fanworks are broad and I like a lot of different genres and styles, so as long as you go with the friendship/romance thing, we are golden. :)

    My requests:

    Prompt 1: Dear Santa, I have a secret yearning for a story/vid in which one of them is a robot, and the other befriends him (and/or becomes his lover). In RPF, I think I’d prefer Jensen to be the robot and Misha the one who befriends him. Maybe because Jensen has escaped his evil masters, and Misha is the head of a hippy commune which runs the underground robot railroad to safety. Maybe to get him across the border, they have to get married or pretend to be married. Hilarious shenanigans ensue due to the robot’s cluelessness about human social norms and affection, but he learns fast and starts to crave Misha’s touch. And maybe Jensen saves their butts by hacking a security bot or something and “infecting” it with his new “love” program. LOL. In a canon-based or canon-AU fiction/vid, I think I’d prefer Castiel as the robot. Maybe Dean salvages him from Bobby’s scrapyard in order to assist with hunting -- just as a temporary measure until they get a new/better hunting robot. But of course, they end up clicking and hunting awesomely together, much to Sam and Bobby’s bemusement (and amusement). And maybe Castiel was an experimental model that was deleted for being too independently aware or something, and he ends up having some awesome and unexpected abilities. Maybe he can change gender. Maybe he can do awesome hunting things (fly! laser-beams from the eyes! bond with the Impala! the possibilities are endless!). Maybe some of his secret abilities include things like kissing. “Why the hell do you have a kissing protocol anyway?” Dean demanded, clutching at his chest, feeling breathless and lightheaded. A question we all want the answer to!

    Prompt 2: I have a bit of a yearning for a kidfic this year. I mean this is a very broad sense. For example, maybe the Winchesters and Bobby run a Hunting Academy, and many of the student hunters are kids who were orphaned by supernatural events. Castiel could be the new teacher with a secret (ie. not entirely human), or an Angelic consultant who does special training with the kids, or he’s sent down on a case to track a rogue angel and ends up working with Dean and the kids for some reason. Dean would be kind of gruff with the kids, but adore them and do anything to keep them safe and train them right, and the kids would love him back just as much. And Castiel would be a bit clueless at first, but then fall for them all completely. It would also be kind of awesome to have John reacting to finding out Dean and Castiel have something going on, even if it’s just friendship. Cos you know he’s going to have something to say about it. Bonus points if Mary and Deanna tell him off. Alternatively, Jensen and Misha might be kind of Sound-of-Music-esque, in which one of them starts off as the nanny/tutor/family lawyer etc and then becomes a step-parent for whatever reason -- maybe they are friends who get married for convenience or legal reasons and then realise they are in love. Or maybe they have a whole lot of foster kids in this ridiculously loud and artistic household, full of drama, and supported due to something improbable, like Jensen writing romance novels and Misha inventing new types of candy. Or maybe it’s an mpreg story, in which Castiel gets pregnant, maybe by Dean, or maybe as some kind of Angelic biology (maybe they self-impregnate under certain conditions? Like Mary with Jesus). And with Castiel being outcast from Heaven, he obviously needs help keeping the kid safe, and Dean steps up. There are so many wonderful kidfic options, Santa. And any of them would make me happy.

    Prompt 3: Okay, I’m making this prompt more general to give you some elbow room, particularly if you are making me a vid, Santa. I would love a friendship or love story between Dean/Castiel or Jensen/Misha, especially of the two of them falling in like/love for the first time. I enjoy things that are a bit new or different -- eg. new spins on classic plots, or inverting cliches etc.

    Likes: I love friendship stories, whether they are full-on slash romances, or platonic friendship romances. As long as the characters genuinely like each other, and end up closer by the end of the story or vid I will be happy. RPF is fine for fiction (not so keen on it for a vid), although I would much prefer AU if you do write Jensen/Misha. I also love Dean/Castiel, either canon or AU, fiction or vid. I especially love stories/vids which focus on Dean being a kick-ass Hunter, and/or exploring something new about Castiel's angelic nature. In short, feel free to write either Dean/Castiel or Jensen/Misha for any of my prompts, but I'd rather you vid Dean/Castiel. I'm also a fan of plotty stories, so a case fic in which they work together would be awesome. That said, I do like other kinds of stories too, so go with your strengths as long as you have them liking/loving each other. For vids, I'd rather something action-focused or a comedy or a character study, or even something experimental and a bit out there.

    Dislikes: No rape or other forms of non-consensual acts, please. No deathfic (unless it's temporary). No extreme darkness or unresolved angst. No incest. I'm not a huge fan of extreme kink, but don't mind a little as long as it's not the focus of the story. I really don't like schmoopy romance vids, as they pretty much make my eyes cross and I pull horrible faces of pain if forced to watch. And most importantly of all, no stories in which the characters don't like each other, or start off hating each other, or reluctantly put up with each other; not even if they end up in love.

    If anyone other than my Festividder / Secret Santa reads this... uh, that's kind of embarrassing. My id is pretty much hanging out all over the place. No wonder I never did this letter thing before. *blushes*

    That said, you know my policy by now. Ideas are best shared, used and loved. So do with them as you will, as long as you don't cramp my Festividder / Secret Santa before they are done.

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