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What is a love letter anyway?

I've been sleeping off a migraine all day today. I've literally been out of bed for maybe 90 minutes all up. There wasn't much choice about it, but what a waste of a day. :(

It's only now that I'm starting to feel human again that I'm looking at the story I posted yesterday, and going: O_O

I must have written that in an altered state, while the migraine was coming on. Because a) OMG, what the? b) I suspect I seriously under-warned for content given the feedback some kind and generous people have left, and c) I think that's the best love letter I've ever written, which is pretty freaky given the context.

Epistolary fiction is one of my favourite genres, and I remember thinking yesterday, "Under what conditions would Dean Winchester write a love letter, for real, to one of the people he loves most?"

It's not even that far-fetched a "what if?", given his epic emo letter from season 5. Okay, no, it's totally far-fetched. I doubt Dean Winchester could articulate an emotion to save his life. BUT ANYWAY. That's why it's called fanfiction, right?

Are there any characters you've always wanted to read a love letter from?

I find the whole concept of them fascinating. Jane Austen writes the best ones ever. For instance, Wentworth's, "For you alone I think and plan." It should be totally creepy, but instead it wins ultimate Brownie points. I'm with Anne all the way -- I'd say yes and run away to sea, too. How does Austen do that?

I've often wondered about Buffy, and what kind of love letter she'd write. How would she articulate the mix of things she must feel? Angel is actually pretty easy, I think, but Angelus... it would be designed to wound, and would probably be horribly honest. Think about it; it's kind of fascinating, right? You wouldn't be able to look away, even while you cringed. That's why I find the whole concept of love letters so interesting -- you can combine show and tell in way you rarely can in fiction and be convincing.

Ianto... who would he write it to (Lisa, I think), and what the hell would he say? Jack probably writes love letters all the time, but what would he say in one that isn't about sex? Could he even write something that doesn't hide behind flirtation and innuendo?

Castiel? I have no freaking clue. I don't think he would, actually. Hmmm.

So who have you wondered about?

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