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Vidding Process

I was talking to china_shop about vidding, and she posted about her process which I found fascinating. So I jotted down my own.

  1. Open a planning file. Put in song lyrics. Add ideas, jot notes I need to remember (eg. urls etc).

  2. Edit the song in Audacity. Sometimes add sound effects, voice-over etc. Listen to it a lot in VLC.

  3. Open project in Sony Vegas. Lay down audio track and add three empty video tracks above it and another three below.

  4. Source video, resize in VirtualDubMod, maybe clean it up a bit if needed. Do a lossless export. Convert to wmv for size reasons. Import to the Sony Vegas project. This is the part I'm still playing around with a lot. When I had to rebuild my computer, a lot of software that hadn't been working correctly (like VirtualDubMod) now is, so I could cut out some of my previous steps and do things more efficiently. However, I've only started one vid since that happened, so I'm still testing things. I do the convert to wmv because I'm a) lazy, and b) don't have space to juggle huge avi files on multiple projects. I like the flexibility of having the whole source right there to clip from. I like your idea of the library though, so I may try that.

  5. Source any secondary footage I need, and prepare it so that it matches the rest if possible. Otherwise, import it and re-set the Vegas properties for working with multiple sources (so I don't get the frame flicker problem you were talking about upon export. grrr).

  6. Make titles. This is one of my favourite parts, as I think the titling process helps me find the vid's look and theme. I choose a font (sometimes have to go and download a new one), decide on colours, download any other images/textures I need, work out how I want the title/end sequence to fit into the vid (how to match it to the music, what clips it will go over etc) and start making the separate parts. I use invisible layers to keep track of which fonts and sizes I'm using. I make title files double the dimensions of the video source so they look pretty when I import them. Most of my title sequences are used as masks in the vid, and sometimes I need actual masks to go with them to black out parts of the vid or whatever. I sometimes go back three or four times during the vidding process to revise or re-make the titles and associated masks.

    6a. I'm seriously considering buying After Effects because I want to be able to do things with titles that I can't currently do.

  7. Start clipping. Put clips in the three tracks below the audio track -- this is my library.

  8. Lay down clips in the second and third video tracks (so I can do overlays etc). Title clips go in the first track. I usually end up having to add more tracks for effects.

  9. Change version name whenever I start a new session or do something big I might want to revert. Backup.

  10. Export drafts regularly to make sure settings are right, effects don't look naff, there are no stray frames, and it's generally working. This is partly because my eyes are old, and I can't really see what I'm doing in Vegas, and partly because I've learned the hard way that a lot of things look different after rendering, especially in effects heavy or fast cut vids.

    Repeat as needed until I have enough source, titles, clips, effects.

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