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Fanwork: "The Winchester Gospel for Kids!" (SPN, Dean/Castiel, G)

Title: The Winchester Gospel for Kids!
Author: cupidsbow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel implied
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers for season 7. Extreme crack.
Summary: A fun-filled resource for children of all ages! Sponsored by The Winchester Hunting Academy.

How well do you know The Winchester Gospel? Put yourself to the test!

Do the poll then check your answer below.

Poll #1791274 Pick the order of the Winchester Gospel!

Which of these books comes earliest in the Gospel?

Lazarus Rising
Hammer of the Gods
Bloody Mary
Mystery Spot
How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Hint: You can find the answer at the Winchester Wiki.

Answer: Bloody Mary is the answer! Vengeful spirits are dangerous, and you should always call a Hunter if you think one is haunting you. Never try to exorcise one on your own! But don't forget: these spirits had unjust deaths and deserve both our pity and our help in finally finding eternal rest.

Do you know who Team Free Will really are?

Poll #1791308 Winchester Gospel Trivia!

Where did Sam Winchester go to university?

Lawrence Community College
The Winchester Academy
He didn't go to college

Who was Castiel's sacred vessel during the Apocalypse? (This is a tricky question)

Amelia Novak
Jimmy Novak
Claire Novak
Pamela Barnes
Dean winchester

What is Dean Winchester's favorite food?

All of the above

What motto did Jo Harvelle write in her diary the night before the Battle of Carthage?

Sex is great, but self-respect is better!
Get thee to a nunnery!
Get thee behind me, Satan!
Waiting is for saps and the angels who love them!
I don't want homophobia in any Gospel with my name in it!

Answer 1: Sam briefly went to Stanford university before joining his brother Dean as a Hunter.

Answer 2: This is a trick question! Castiel actually had two vessels during the Apocalypse. The vessel most people know is Jimmy Novak, who assisted Castiel throughout the Apocalypse. However, Castiel also briefly needed the help of Claire Novak after the False Angels of Heaven kidnapped him.

Answer 3: Dean's favorite food is pie! Here is a recipe for: WinCherry Pie.

Answer 4: Jo actually said two of these mottos. After her death, Castiel visited her in Heaven and she said, "I don't want homophobia in any Gospel with my name in it!" However the actual answer is that the night before Carthage, she wrote in her diary: "Sex is great, but self-respect is better!" Some old-fashioned people say that sex is evil, but as the Righteous Man teaches us, sex is one of God's greatest gifts to Humankind. It can bring solace in times of grief, and help us remember the joyful things in life. But most importantly of all, we should respect people's sexuality, and we should always celebrate free will and the right to choose whether or not we have sex, as Castiel's Rainbow Covenant reminds us.

What are these people best known for in The Winchester Gospel? Play Perfect Match and find out!

Poll #1791309 Perfect Match!

The Righteous Man is...

He ran the Hunters' League from a salvage yard...

She rallied the Faithful to help find the Colt...

He was known to the Winchesters as the Yellow Eyed Demon...

Answers: Dean Winchester; St Bobby Singer; Becky Rosen; Azazel.

Who am I?

Poll #1791310 Who am I?

I helped the Winchesters cage Lucifer; I led Castiel into Sin; I healed Bobby Singer’s legs

I am Meg
I am Raphael
I am Crowley
I am John Winchester
I am Ruby

Answer: Crowley was the demon who became a temporary ally of the Winchesters during the Apocalypse. He healed Bobby Singer's paralysed legs, and helped trap Lucifer back in his cage. Afterwards, he betrayed Team Free Will by leading Castiel into temptation, and that is why Castiel opened the gates of Purgatory, and was punished by God by being Scourged for thirty-three years by the Leviathan. Remember: demons are never to be trusted, even if they seem to be doing something good.

The Rainbow Covenant

It was through Dean's profound bond with Castiel, symbolised by the handprint on his arm, that the angel finally achieved forgiveness and was allowed to return to Earth.

How well do you know the Rainbow Covenant, in which Castiel promised never again to betray Humanity?

I make this c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ between you and me. I have set my seal upon thy a_ _, I have set my seal upon thy h_ _ _ _. Whenever a Winchester prays for me, I will r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ my promise. N_ _ _ _ again will I allow pride to reign at the cost of human lives.

Answer: I make this covenant between you and me. I have set my seal upon thy arm, I have set my seal upon thy heart. Whenever a Winchester prays for me, I will remember my promise. Never again will I allow pride to reign at the cost of human lives.

Color in Castiel!

Ask Aunt Ellen

  • Have you ever been puzzled by something in The Winchester Gospel?
  • Are you worried or frightened and don't know who to turn to?

Ask any questions you have about the Gospel in the comment box below, and Aunt Ellen will give you the answer!

Author's Note: As this whole post is meant in the spirit of fun and games, please feel free to leave questions for Aunt Ellen in comments with the subject line "Aunt Ellen", and by all means go ahead and give anonymous answers to other people's questions ;)

Meta Note: This project came about for two reasons. The first is that I needed a break in between marking essays -- there's nothing like marking to spur fannish productivity. The second is that I'm completely fascinated with the idea that Chuck's books are going to become a Gospel, a foundation of a New New Testament. I just can't stop wondering what kind of world would arise using that framework as a moral compass. What lessons would be drawn? How would it be taught? What would be considered heresy? See what I mean? It's just such a great "What if" premise. This post gives one small glimpse of the overly-pious moralising I suspect would still occur when kids in the Supernatural future were being taught "Supernatural Safety for Beginners" in school. Dean would be cursing from his spot in the Heavenly Roadhouse!

So what do you think think would arise from The Winchester Gospel in that far off future? Or would it not be far off at all? Would things start to happen in Dean and Sam's lifetime? Hit me with your best theory. :)

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