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Day 2: Festivids Recap

This year I asked for a Wimbledon vid, and said, "What I love about Wimbledon is the physicality and competition, and how that's woven into the romance. If you can make a heart-pumping tennis vid, and include both the leads, that would be awesome."

And lo, it was done! \o/

The complete masterpost of all vids: Livejournal, Dreamwidth. And here's the Guess the Vidder post. :)

My other favourites roughly fell into two types: dance vids and intense character studies. Here are my top picks this year:

More Recommendations

PS--Apparently Vimeo is having a glitch which means that the embedded Festivids using that service aren't working. If you hit this problem, just go onto the next rec, and try again later. It should be fixed quickly.

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