cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Nom, nom nom NOM.... Pie Time!

I just bumped into one of my housemates in the kitchen and said, "It's time for pieeeeeeee!" and did a pie dance of glee (which people who know me will recognise as a variation on my vegetable dance of glee) as I turned on the oven and put in a frozen gluten-free cherry pie.

She laughed at me, for some reason. I do not know why. Pie is totally deserving of a dance of glee, especially when eaten as a midnight snack!

It is possible there are reasons I may have been known to ever-so-slightly over-identify with one of those Winchesters. Shut up. Pie counts as a reason.

Also, I'm totally eating it with an enormous dollop of coconut cream once it's hot!

ETA: Mmmmmmm. I think I love coconut cream more than I used to love regular cream.

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Tags: food, life
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