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Swancon fanvid panel: Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

I've had a few emails asking for links to the vids I discussed at the Swancon fanvid panel, so here they are. I was so far beyond tired, I can't actually remember much, but I think these were all the vids I showed -- let me know if I've missed anything.

We mainly talked about how I picked vids for vidshows, and the various genres of fanvids. Then I showed examples of the different styles: fan parodies, summarizing the show or a plot arc, character studies, sound mash-ups, constructed realities, montages, political commentary.

I’m Reading a Book, Julian Smith
Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury, Rachel Bloom
Doctorin’ the Tardis, Timelords
Star Trekkin’, The Firm
Yoda, Weird Al Yankovic and Ffloggerjb

MISC (Evil Dead) Evil Love Shack of Darkness, sol-se
XENA Boom Boom Ba, Charmax
WC Let's Misbehave, greensilver
MULTI The Golden Age of Video, Ricardo Autobahn
DZ Day in the Life, shalott and speranza
HERC HoldingOutForAHero, MaryCrawford
MISC (Scrubs) Dance Across the Floor, littleheaven70
MISC (The Fall) Once Upon a Time, kiki-miserychic
SPN MovinOn’, cupidsbow
MISC Happy Together, XmasHolly

Blocked in Australia, and I can’t find another source: MULTI Modern Love, ferdalump

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