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Hi all,

You are invited...

I'm am planning to make a flashvid this weekend. If any of you have been curious about vidding and would like to see the process as it happens, drop a comment here. I'll add you to a filter and post updates at each stage of the vid:

  • screencap what I'm doing at key stages
  • link to all the applications and guides I use
  • list the media I'm using, where I got it and how I'm modifying it
  • upload drafts to mediafire so you can look at the early roadcrash stages :)

It will be a Castiel vid (with Dean/Castiel). Ironically, I had chosen the music I planned to use before I saw the Avenger's trailer, because it's a song I loved back when I used to watch Rage at night...

The Avengers -- YAY!
Speaking of The Avengers, I highly recommend it! It was way more entertaining than I'd been expecting. It fails Bechdel, of course, but it does have some awesome female characters, and it's funny, action-packed, and well balanced in terms of team dynamics.

Also, while I will always love Tony/Steve and Tony/Pepper, I gotta say, I'm totally down with the Tony/Bruce after seeing the movie. They were so great together. Can you imagine what they would do in a lab together? And I'm talking about the science! :)

When I take a break from vidding, I will complete the notes on the vids from the Swancon vidshow, as I promised some time ago. Sorry for the delay -- work has been eating my "free" time for a while.

*cracks knuckles*

Okay, I'm going to go for a swim, and then I'm going to get stuck into vidding.

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