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Saw Brave yesterday. Awesome. I highly recommend it.

Don't let anyone spoil you for this film. It will still be delightful if you are spoiled, but it was a lovely surprise coming in to it cold (the trailers disguise the part I'm talking about).

It delivers what it promises: a strong female protagonist, a delightful riff on the usual growing-up fairy-tales, simple but decent plot, gorgeous animation, action and adventure, some really excellent comedy and minor characters, magic and shenanigans, and a sweet love story at its heart.

It's hard to surprise me when it comes to stories, and while the plot was in the fairy-tale mould and therefore fairly predictable, there was one real surprise that I totally didn't see coming.

Vague non-spoiler: I hadn't expected the love story to be between the two characters it was. I'm not sure I've ever seen an animated love story of this type before, and it's pretty darn rare in live-action films too. Great though. There should be more! How I wish I'd seen this as a seven-year-old girl.

In short, take your kids, take yourself. It's great fun.

Warning: there some slight spoilers comments, but we are all trying to stay vague.

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