cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

perception vs reality

Just back from the doctor, and not the exciting kind with a time/space machine.

It didn't exactly go how I thought. I was kind of expecting him to say, "Yes, you're pretty much over this cold, you could have gone back to work today."

I was expecting this not because I felt better, but because I felt comparatively so much less terrible. It's amazing how good not coughing feels after 48 hours of almost non-stop coughing.

Anyway, the doctor stuck his thermometer in my ear and told me I still had a temperature and to go back to bed... for three more days.

So that's what I'm doing. Bed. Lemon tea. Chicken soup on the stove. Maybe I'll even be able to lie down flat and actually sleep sometime in the near future.

My life: so exciting.

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